Pretty People Win More Power Struggles

Pretty people win more power struggles, indeed.  Let’s illustrate this greater power of   pretty people   (those considered almost universally to be the most attractive).   Consider a sort of beauty contest, where a group of one thousand males from all walks of life, are all gathered together to rate and date females. There are also women there competing, who … Continue reading Pretty People Win More Power Struggles

Does Doubting Thomas Burn In Hell ?

Many Christian, Jewish, and Muslim religious zealots condemn a doubting Thomas to burn in Hell, just because he doubts, or more generally, is unsure of the existence of God.  Even if the doubting Thomas does not actively campaign against their beliefs that God is Supreme Ruler of all that exists, they still deem the doubter, the seeker,  a mortal … Continue reading Does Doubting Thomas Burn In Hell ?

Reduce Personal Gain With More Compassion

Our culture could improve if people regarded one another with   more compassion,   and were happier with   reduced personal gain; at least, less money and material items. Sometimes, people become so obsessed with economic gain for themselves, along with getting ahead of others, that they treat their colleagues, who are not so obsessed with getting rich, with disrespect and distain; deeming … Continue reading Reduce Personal Gain With More Compassion

Attract Women Through Honesty

Be kind, patient, available, and above all, be honest. You shouldn’t have to fake these qualities in order to attract women.  Honesty is perhaps the most convincing behavior, shows through naturally if you allow it.  If it does not, if you’re ashamed of who you are or what you’ve done or failed to do for some reason, then perhaps … Continue reading Attract Women Through Honesty

How To Find Your Career

Determining what career would be among the best for you can be daunting and time-consuming.  But in my experience, the trick in life, whether young or old, is to devote considerable time to finding your passions, your dream careers. Knowing your passions (what excites and inspires you) will indeed help you to know what you want to accomplish. … Continue reading How To Find Your Career

Risks of Dating Older Women

I’ve dated much older women in my time, ranging from seven to eighteen years older than myself, and enjoyed most of those relationships, most of the time indeed.  But while I would avoid advising men not to do it, I did encounter some issues that are part-and-parcel to the reality one must generally face when becoming … Continue reading Risks of Dating Older Women

Why Men Cheat And Lie

So, I’ve frequently wondered about   why men cheat and lie.  After much consideration, I don’t think most men will actually become   cheating men   as long as they date their true dream girls (a perfect ten lady in their eyes).  The temptation to cheat arises when men realize that the woman they’ve got either never was, … Continue reading Why Men Cheat And Lie

Destiny Limits Success

Often, I hear people judging others, who aren’t as successful as themselves; citing willful laziness on the part of the “under achiever.”  However, I contend that a strong will, while an important part of achieving success, is but a small part of what allows a person to become successful.  The bonds of destiny are also important … Continue reading Destiny Limits Success

Definition: Effective Manager

In nearly twenty years of technical work experience, the following qualities, habits, and management styles that should be included in the definition of an   effective manager have emerged.   The managers that seemed to run the smoothest ship exhibited practically all these qualities: He formulates easily understood, but cogent statements, yet quickly incorporates new information into … Continue reading Definition: Effective Manager

Music Piracy Thoughts

I’m heavily into music listening, manipulating the music files for better sound, DJing for friends, and so on.  So very often, the issue of   music piracy   comes up, when people ask that I copy some of the songs in my music collection for them.  The following are my responses and reasoning for why I do not copy … Continue reading Music Piracy Thoughts